The innovative technology proposed by Kinetic Reactor responds to an increasingly pressing need for the efficient management of water resources that, owing to the climate crisis, become even more strategic due to the scarcity and unpredictability of rainfall. In this context, a multi-functional system for the treatment of water, which uses the existing flow to operate in an effective way, without the use of chemical products, can make the difference in ecological, economic, and functional terms. The result of six years of R&D, Kinetic Reactor Technology is based on a patented water aeration system, which represents a real revolution in the field of water purification for food and domestic use, but also for industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

Vsystem is part of the project thanks to the quality of the hi-tech processing it makes available to its customers, its specialisations including hydroforming, welding and tube bending. Vsystem has been involved in every aspect of the Kinetic project, from CAD design to laser cutting, welding, surface finishing and assembly, as well as the unusual but challenging task of product packaging design.

“For Vsystem, operating on new markets is stimulating and helps us to grow” comments CEO Silvia Gaiani. “When we can do this with firms that have a similar take on innovation and with which we share a high-tech vision and trust, as with Kinetic Reactor, then the customer-supplier relationship becomes a true partnership with common strategic and technological goals”.

“Our technology will lead to a revolution in the world of water resource management” states Srecko Cadonic, CEO of InnTe “Vsystem is the ideal partner for a challenge of this kind. Credibility, mutual trust and experience operating on extremely challenging markets, like that of motorsport, make for very high-quality credentials.”

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